THe spring is there, and we are enjoying the beautifull weather. Our teams are performing the forst flights of the season. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to book your first champagne hot air balloon flight.
. Fly now !

3-4/07/2010 - Airshow 2010

EBC will be present at the Beauvechain airshow. The Beauvechain airshow is one of the most attractive in Europe. At the end of the afternoom, weather permitting, our hot air balloons will take from the base itself. Clicl here in order to view the promotional video. Fly now ! airshow 2010


25/04/2010 - Exciting and relaxing

One of our passengers send us the following "e-mail", we surely want you to share it:

"Good day,

We would like to thank you trough this mail. My husband en I have enjoyed our flight on board your balloon at Villers-la-Ville.

 Not only did we feel in safe in the good hands of an experienced pilot but we really had some wonderful moments. Exciting and relaxing at the same time.
It was an unforgettable experience! 

Great service from the begin until the pleasant closer

Thank you!

Kind regards
passagere Vanessa

Vanessa en Arthur"


24-25/04/2010 - Balloon happening Waregem great success

This year's balloon happening in Waregem was without a doubt one of the most beautiful editions ever! Lots of people on Saturday, thanks to lovely and calm weather, the biggest balloon in the world, the cooperation of Plopsaland, the wonderful balloon ballet in the dark , the wonderful fireworks and especially the 55 super enthusiastic balloon teams that went towards the clouds in their air giants. A lot of people had the opportunity to enjoy a nice balloon flight. rassemblement de montgolfieres de Waregem

26-28/03/2010 - Adventure and balloon flight in Indonesia

Our "DUO" special balloon pilot has made wonderful flights in Indonesia, in the Bongor region. The landscapes was marvelous, welcoming of the local population was very warm for the first edition of this balloon meeting on the other side of the world. The number of spectators was so impresing that every team got their own police car, 6 soldiers and an interpreter. A lot of people had the opportunity to enjoy their first balloon flight. Indonesie ballonvaarten

ballonvluchten Indonesie

Landschap Indonesie


12-21/02/2010 - Expedition in Chili

Wonderful and incredible flights over the Atacama, the driest desert in the world. A dream landscape and a good mood were present. The international meeting has also given the pilots the opportunity to fly over the shores of la Serena. La Serena


17/01/2010 - Mountain stage of "Les Carroz"

Despite the precarious weather forecast the mountain stage of "Les Carroz" has been in nothing but the best mood and it was very educational. Les Carroz