Practical info

Duration : 1 hour

Duration for all the aventure : approximately 3 hours

The flight :

You will be welcomed by our team on the take off field. You will receive a complete briefing given by the pilot. Afterwards, you will be invited to take part in the inflation of the balloon, a particularly colourful and exciting part of the experience. After inflation as the burners heat the air above, you will gently become airborne and your adventure will begin.

While we enjoy our flight, the retrieve crew follow our progress with the cars and trailer and meet us at our destination - however, we never know exactly where we will land and neither do they! After the landing, the crew help to pack the balloon away. Those following the balloon by road are requested to remain outside the field until the farmers' consent to enter has been received.

We can then ferry you back to the meeting point in our vehicle that has been following our airborne progress on the ground. Alternatively, you may have brought along your own spectators who¹ve similarly followed us and they can drive you directly home.


Children are also welcome aboard. Special discount applies to them. Children must be minimum 1 meter high for safety reason.


Safety is our prime concern.We carry third party and passenger liability insurance. All flights are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. All our pilots hold full unrestricted commercial pilots licences.


The temperature you'll experience during a typical balloon flight won't be much different than the temperature on the ground. There is no wind chill, because you're moving with the wind, and there is usually some ambient heat from the burner when it's used now and then. Casual attire is suggested, no high-heeled shoes..


Our flights take place throughout the year from four launch sites (Abbey of Villers-la-Ville, the Lion of Waterloo, the Place of Céroux-Mousty, Provinciedomein Huizingen and the Chateau of Gravenhof) depending on wind direction.

All take off places are ideally situated and are about 30 minutes from Brussels.


Flights are obviously weather dependant.

During the summer they take place early in the morning and evening, seven days a week. In the winter they take place during the morning and afternoon when the views are the most spectacular. Each flight lasts for an hour although it would be wise to allow three hours for the whole trip.

Once you are booked, telephone us at lunch time before your flight to confirm your booking and for final launch instructions. Please remember that we try to fly every day between April and October, weather permitting.

Light surface winds and stable air are ideal conditions for ballooning. You must contact us at lunch time before your flight to make sure conditions are suitable. If the flight has to be cancelled an alternative date will be arranged to suit you. It may take several attempts before the correct weather coincides with your booking, please be patient, it is worth the wait.

Periode Take off time
April 1st-15th +/- 18.30
April 16th-30th +/- 19.00
May 1st-15th +/- 19.30
May 15th-31th +/- 20.00
June +/- 20.30
July 1st-15th +/- 20.30
July 15th- 31th +/- 20.00
August 1st- 15th +/- 19.30
August 16th-31th +/- 19.00
September 1st-15th +/- 18.30
September 16th-31th +/- 18.00
Octobre 1st-15th +/- 17.30
October 15th-31th +/- 17.00