Formats of printing data

Spot and process colours

EBC print all pictures by CMYK technology on digital printer. It means, that each colour contains four basic process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)

To keep the right colours and to avoid any problems, we require to receive from you the artwork, where is specified an exact amount of each basic process colour for each colour of the artwork (Pantone Process CMYK colors). See example:

Companies, who use offset printers use spot (direct) colours. That are colours prepared out of the printer according the recipe.

NWe use this colours, when we are decorating by "Air brushed" method.

For digital printing we use CMYK colours, mixed from four basic process colours inside of the printer. It is more accurate.

It would be the best for you and for us, if you supply us with the artwork, together with the printed sample of the artwork, which was printed by calibrated printer. Therefore, we can immediately compare our output with the real colours, and eventually revise the differences.

Quality of bitmap artwork (pictures)

The large format printer we are using, is printing in the quality 192x192 Dpi. Therefore all of the supplied pictures, scans and photos should be in the quality 192 Dpi in the size 1:1. (Dpi = Dots per inch)

On the example hereby, you can compare the difference between good and poor quality picture after scaling to the required size.

As higher number of Dpi, as better quality of the picture.

All digital printers are printing by CMYK technology. But sometimes the colours of the artwork are specified by RGB format (only 3 basic colours). The rip software of the printer recalculate this format to the CMYK, but the final colours will not be optimal anymore. You must check, in what format was your artwork prepared.

Picture in RGB, printed by CMYK printer.

Picture in CMYK, printed by CMYK printer

Quality of vector artwork (text)

All files, which containes text must be in vectors ! No exemption, if this file will be used for ploter (folie cutting), or digital printer.

For the plotting is only vector format possible. Because there is not the basic border line in the bitmap format, the cutting knife does not have a trace.

For digital printing we can also use the bitmap text, but the result is not proper.

See examplehereby : the text "Logo" in vectors can be scaled without loosing the quality, all edges are still sharp.

Text in vectors can be scaled without loosing the quality, all edges are still sharp.

Text as a bitmap is spread after the scaling, there are not edges.

Formats of files and exports

The best file is in format *.eps, quality PostScript level 1.

Usable files are also in format *.cdr, *.psd, *.fh10, *.ai, *.pdf. But this formats must be adapted and exported, so it can cause the distortion of the colours and quality. That is the reason, why we require the calibrated sample of the artwork and also the exact amounts of the process colours.

Suitable export types for digital printing

Texts must be converted to vectors. If it is not possible, it is necessary to add the fonts (TTF).

"Raw" pictures, scans and photos can be supplied in format*.jpg, *.bmp or *.tif, but always as CMYK.

We work witn PC, not with Mac.

Thanks for understanding.

The EBC team