Giant helium balloons

Giant helium balloons are manufactured in 0.17 mm PVC (sometimes in 0.37 mm PVC and only in white). These balloons can be illuminated from the inside during the night, which gives a fantastic result.

We can manufacture standard shape balloons (like spheres-hot air balloon shapes or airships) and special shapes balloons in the copy of a specific packaging.

These balloons are delivered ready to work, with an operation manual ,a protection cover, a transport bag, and a repair kit.

The balloons can be seen from miles and indeed high impact advertising.

The helium is not supplied with the balloon

Table giant helium balloons
  Type of balloon Diameter (m) Weight (approx.) Volume
schéma ballon à hélium: sphere sphere 2m 3kg 4.19 m³
sphere 2.3m 4kg 6.37 m³
sphere 2.6m 5kg 9.2 m³
sphere 3m 6kg 14.13 m³
sphere 3.3m 7.5kg 20.36 m³
sphere 3.6m 8.5kg 24.44 m³
sphere 4m 10kg 33.52 m³
sphere 4.3m 12kg 41.64 m³
sphere 4.6m 14kg 50.97 m³
sphere 5m 16kg 65.47 m³
sphere 5.3m 20kg 77.94 m³
schéma ballon à hélium: motgolfière Hot Air Balloon Shape* 2.6 x 2.3 m* 4.5 kg* 6.37 m³*
Hot Air Balloon Shape 3.6 x 2.6 m 5.5 kg 14 m³
Hot Air Balloon Shape 4 x 3 m 6.5 kg 20 m³
Hot Air Balloon Shape 4.3 x 3.3 m 7.5 kg 25 m³
Hot Air Balloon Shape 4.6 x 3.6 m 9 kg 38.5 m³
Hot Air Balloon Shape 5 x 4 m 10 kg 52 m³
Hot Air Balloon Shape 5.6 x 4.3 m 12 kg 76 m³
schéma ballon à hélium: Blimp Blimp* 4 x 1.6 m* 7.5 kg** 6.37 m³**
Blimp* 4.6 x 1.8 m* 8 kg* 9.1 m³*
Blimp* 5.3 x 2.2 m* 8.5 kg* 12 m³*
Blimp 6.6 x 2.3 m 10.5 kg 18 m³
Blimp 7.3 x 2.5 m 16 kg 31 m³
Blimp 8.6 x 3 m 18 kg 40 m³
dimensions are subject to change in function of the temperature
* Internal use only for this model
** hanging balloon, not flying

Technical informations


P032 C
P 293 C
bleu clair
Light Blue
P2915 C
P116 C
P 348 C
vert clair
Light Green
P 360 C
P021 C
P 877 C
P 806 C
P 478 C
P 260 C

The white is the best color, as it is the only one available in 0.2 mm

Type of gas :

Balloons may be inflated with air (suspended balloons) or Helium ("tether flights). It is strictly forbidden to use Hydrogen, as this is a very dangerous gas. Helium on the other hand is a neutral and safe gas. Helium may be obtained from gas providers for small balloons (e.g. Air Products, Air Liquide, Messer, Linde etc.).

Inflation hose

We can deliver 2 meters long inflation hose connection W 21,8mm x1/14" as option, budget : 60 €uro

characteristic :

Lenght : 2 m

Connection hélium : certie

Color : yellow

Options :

Internal lighting: All our balloons conform to the CAA standard requirements

Material used :


There are 3 types of "opening".

1. SYSTEME A : The filling opening equiped with a non return treaded valve alos called threaded inflation closure

embout gonflement ouvert embout gonflement fermé valve

2. SYSTEME B : The main tube, that allows the balloon to be rapidly deflated or inflated.

bouche de gonflement bouche de gonflement

3. SYSTEME C : A refill valve/vent can also be installed.

pipette pipette pipette


You can make swift transfer or pay by credit card

visa master card

Payement are made in adavance before dispatching. A digital picture of the balloon can be sent by email.