Intinerary - Enghien Castle

Duration:1 hour

Duration for all the aventure: approximately 3 hours

How to get there ?

Take Motorway A8 E429 Brussels - Tournai, exit at junction 25 Petit-Enghien/Hoves, and follow Enghien (turn right coming from Brussels or left coming from Tournai). Then turn left at the first roundabout, and follow the "PARC" signs.

Take-off takes place in the Castle's park (see map below).

Description :

Located near the Grand-Place behind the Porte des Esclaves, the Enghien Park was considered in the 17th century as one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, and has since then known a wonderful evolution. Enjoying the peace and quiet of a hot air balloon flight you will discover a real masterpiece of nature and architecture, looking down on a selection of both floral art and beautiful fountains. The garden was laid in the 15th century and is listed as monument of the Walloon heritage. Perfect for walks, discoveries and relaxation.

Address :

Parc, 5
7850 Enghien

GPS coordinate :

50.69 (50°41') | 4.05 (4°3')


" La Halte du Miroir" - Parc d'Enghien : 0495/ 92 41 75


Our flights take place throughout the year from four launch sites (Abbey of Villers-la-Ville, the Lion of Waterloo, the Place of Céroux-Mousty, Provinciedomein Huizingen and the Chateau of Gravenhof) depending on wind direction.

All take off places are ideally situated and are about 30 minutes from Brussels.


Flights are obviously weather dependant.

During the summer they take place early in the morning and evening, seven days a week. In the winter they take place during the morning and afternoon when the views are the most spectacular. Each flight lasts for an hour although it would be wise to allow three hours for the whole trip.

Once you are booked, telephone us at lunch time before your flight to confirm your booking and for final launch instructions. Please remember that we try to fly every day between April and October, weather permitting.

Light surface winds and stable air are ideal conditions for ballooning. You must contact us at lunch time before your flight to make sure conditions are suitable. If the flight has to be cancelled an alternative date will be arranged to suit you. It may take several attempts before the correct weather coincides with your booking, please be patient, it is worth the wait.